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Eyes from adult rats are enucleated and the neural retina is isolated.

Tissue is cut into quarters, yielding eight retinal explants per animal, and cultured at a fluid/air interface on organotypic culture membranes.

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Children and youth show their problems in different areas of their lives and in a variety of ways.

A child or adolescent who functions well at home may have problems in another setting, such as in the classroom or with peers.

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Perform fluorescent immunohistochemical labelling of the whole-mount explants.

This protocol details a method for isolating retinal tissue from adult rats as an organotypic culture to study neurobiological processes in mature tissue.

It combines the efficiency and control common to environment.

Protocols are provided that describe histological processing, including techniques for whole-mount and cross-sectional immunohistochemical labelling.

In addition, methods for simulating intraocular cell transplantation and pharmacological screening for neuroprotective therapies are also provided.