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But he was appalled when records dating back to 2003 contained completely false claims that brand him a “persecuted” victim.The medical note read: “Ongoing problems with court case re child abuse/kidnapping and terrorism.The father, who now lives in Cwm, Denbighshire, said the discovery has left him suffering with depression.He has written to the Information Commissioner to see if he can get his records amended.

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Last week it was revealed that Susan has been subjected to a prolonged campaign of intimidation on the very street where she grew up.'They have been shouting at me, taunting, saying vile things, swearing,' she says.Feels persecuted.” Mr Henshaw, who lived on the Isle of Wight when the mix-up is believed to have started, is trying to fight a legal case to get the matter resolved. This has implications for other people.” Mr Henshaw accepts the incorrect entry is a mistake and is not malicious.He said: “I was only getting my records to find out why I was treated so badly on the Isle of Wight..I found out there were all these mistakes. But he believes that it could have affected how he was treated in the past.She continued success with The Black Eyed Peas and they released the album The Beginning (2010), which featured three singles, including two number one songs.As Ferguson's five solo singles and six singles with The Black Eyed Peas have reached two million downloads in the United States, Ferguson was the artist with the most two-million sellers by the beginning of 2011.