Elucidating in a sentence

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Which is the correct sentence between the following: 1) He deserves the same fate as you 2) He deserves the same fate like you.

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The elucidation on the necessity of the procedures the clerk provided was quite incomprehensible, so the citizen asked her to try to elucidate some more.So, instead of discovering, I decided we were elucidating instead.I immediately started second-guessing that choice, because “elucidate” is definitely a twenty-dollar word when a five-cent word works approximately as well, even if it’s not really the most accurate at conveying what I mean.So far, 2015 has been the Year of Grants (which also makes it the Year of Grant Rejections, but that’s another post).I’m collaborating on a proposal right now where I’m not the lead, so I’m a bit more self-conscious of my language choices than usual.