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In the short time that "Creatives Dating" has launched, it has already proved to be a valuable source of networking for its members.

Being able to use the site on a platonic basis is unique & has opened up a whole new branch of social media.

Have a picnic at the beach • Go to a concert • Go shopping; see what each other’s tastes are like • Wash each other’s and other people’s cars together • Visit a grandparent • Just sit and talk • Go places with each other’s families • Go to an interesting seminar/conference • Go to Bible studies • Visit each other’s churches • Go on a bike ride, or even rent a tandem • Play put-put • Game night with friends • Put together a hayride • Sit and observe people • Window shop • Go to a banquet • Go to a sporting event • Run errands together • Ice skate with each other • Carve a pumpkin together • Read a book to each other • Play sports together • Visit friends or shut-ins • Go to the circus • Take pictures • Take a walk • Go bowling • Pray for each other when you’re together • Rollerblade • Progressive dinner • progressive dinner • Go fishing • Study together (make sure parents are home!

) • Make a fire and roast marshmallows • Ride horses • Cook for each other • Cook together for other people • Go boating and fishing • Rent a classic movie (Movie night!

Amusing illustrations by Steve Bjorkman accompany varying date ideas.Our creative network gives you great opportunity to promote your art, creativity and business.The network is visible to all countries - new people sign up every day.If you are in a relationship you can sign up to expand your network.Meet new people, make more friends and contacts across 40 countries.