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This Advisory was issued as a result a report by Public Advocates ("") released last November, which called into question the parent involvement policies of many charter schools across the state.

After Public Advocates demanded that the CDE address this issue, the California Charter Schools Association reached out quickly to both groups, offering its support in ensuring that parent volunteering in charter schools is always exactly that: voluntary.

In order to comply with the regulations, the White County School System will provide training and certification for all of our volunteers.

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Please view the two-minute video below regarding school visits: Safe Visitor Tutorial Safe Visitor Tutorial with Subtitles If you have filled out a background check in the past for our district and are unsure whether it has expired, please contact Vicki Foutty at [email protected]

If your background check has expired or you have never submitted a background check, please click on the link below to submit one: State mandated anti-bullying training webinar - The Anti-Bullying training webinar is embedded in the Safe Visitor background check.

While parental engagement is undoubtedly a good thing, making parent participation mandatory is simply unlawful, as the CDE's guidance clarifies.

"CDE has confirmed that policies mandating minimum hours of parent volunteerism or financial contributions are not legal and could lead to inequity, excluding some of our state's highest-need students from high quality educational opportunities," said Public Advocates attorney Hilary Hammell.